is a revolutionary, real-time domain name auction format that is solely dedicated to GoDaddy Auctions with a totally new way to watch, find and bid on domain name auctions. It's real-time because we hate refreshing auction pages just as much as you do.

We were tired of missing auctions every day at GoDaddy due to their poor notification system. DropAlert.com will let you upload domain names in bulk to your account, watch domains using our filters and set auction reminders. Is it 20 minutes prior, 30 minutes, an hour? That's up to you! With DropAlert.com, you set the domains and the reminders!

Radar! Wow is what radar is! The basics… Real-Time (sit back and watch baby, no refreshing needed!) The Radar page allows you to detect any expired domain name auction that has a bid or gets a bid along with metrics like age and traffic. Radar works because you get to see those “last minute” bids others try to sneak in. Easily see domain names with new bids as they are ending all on one page! It all gets updated right before your eyes without needing to do anything. Radar, only from DropAlert.com!

Easy to read, easy to bid. We try our best to provide you with as many capitalized keywords we can. DomainName.com is much easier to read than domainname.com, and we know that, so that is how we display our domains if it matches a dictionary word. Simply click the domain to bid.

Thank you for your interest in DropAlert.com and we hope you enjoy it!